Valentino's TO-GO

The thriving business that Valentino's has enjoyed is due first and foremost to the popularity of its pizza. With Valentino's To-Go, our first priority is to make sure customers can always count on that same great food quality and taste. Valentino's To-Go locations are able to meet the needs of most customers, with offerings such as express lunches, family value packs, catering, and delivery.

It is no secret that To-Go locations provide an element of operational simplicity. This operational simplicity means strict adherance to a carry-out and delivery concept. With a more narrowly defined menu, Valentino's To-Go locations are less labor intensive, which means that management requirements are less complex. Managers are able to concentrate more on specific aspects of the restaurant operation, particularly sales.

Prime locations include...

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- Small neigborhoods
Franchising Territory
- Business districts
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- Busy intersections or crossroads
- Areas with full-service restaurants

Some Valentino's To-Go locations have even been equipped with drive-up windows. Others have seats to accommodate those who wish to enjoy a sit-down meal. Valentino's To-Go locations can be acquired with a capital investment lower than that of a full-service unit. This means minimized risk and lower breakevens.

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