Valentino's Express

The Express Unit is designed to be an add-on sales unit. Express Units are small sales outlets for fresh Valentino's food products (for instance in a gas station convenience store). With just a small investment to an existing business you have the opportunity to enhance your operations and business potential even more.

Express Units are not meant to compete with the full service sit down restaurants (unless being used as an adjunct to an already existing restaurant cuisine). Instead, in most cases, the Express Unit is meant to answer the need of meal replacement in the fast pace society from which we operate. Express Units offer Express Meals (convenient, fast, affordable, and satisfying) while at the same time offer full pastas, pizzas, and combinations thereof that can feed a family at home, or a group at large.

Perfect candidates for Express...

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- Bowling Alleys  
- Coffee Shops  
- Grocery Stores with Kitchen Facilities  

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